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Attracted always to the abstract!

Hi everyone,  I have a creative spirit  that recently has been renewed once again after a lull for a couple years. I was reawakened by traveling to the west coast of Florida and also to Miami. I am a beach person and love all the vibrant colors in Florida   I had a company where I designed my own abstract silk clothing and men’s  ties  and then decided to dabble in jewelry  something I am not great at! Great picking out gems and putting colors together are easy for me as I love color,  since I am not great at affixing the hardware  I end up making a lot of things with tiger tail.

Have also sewed my own clothing but my preference now is trying my hand at abstract paintings done with acrylic paint and resin   I have never used resin but have  used liquitex and it is sort of the effect I am aiming for  I would like a very glossy high sheen.  I am looking forward to where my Journeys with painting will take me and would love feedback from those who are experienced with this method!

Have a wonderful creative day!

Kathy from Kayla Originals